estoy lista

Im here in Cincinnati working on my last 20 or so hours in the U.S. This first post is for those of you who I have not had the opportunity to explain the who, what, where, when and hows to.

Sometime in October I decided that I needed something different. Knowing that I eventually want to go back to school and knowing that I need some other experiences I began researching volunteer and internships abroad. I stumbled on the Foundation for Sustainable Development and immediately felt connected to their mission. So I started studying spanish and applied. They were the only program that I applied to (not my best plan) so with the fear of failure in my right pocket I didn't tell many people about this potential opportunity (the laws of jinxing it was in my left pocket).

Here I am, unjinxed and packed. I will be spending my first week in Laguna De Apoyo getting some intensive spanish language training. Its a nature reserve about 20 miles South of Managua in between Masaya and Granada. From there I will return to Managua to meet up with other FSD interns and spend a week in orientation orienting. After that I will move in with a host family just outside of Managua in Ciudad Sandino and begin working with Fundacion Fenix .

thats my brief. I look forward to yalls comments because at $2.00/minute I probably wont be talking to any of you on the phone. I do have free texting and im on skype user i.d. krluggen.


  1. So, I guess you won't be needing the Metro pass I just found in my wallet. Kudos Luggen! Im jealous and proud! Suerte chica! besos, anuska

  2. Yo Kara! I did not know you were leaving town.
    Business or pleasure? Work on that tan.